Apple, Epic, and Tax Cheats

Service Facilitator Taxes and Crypto Investors

Coming in late with a mediocre one this week, like the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.


Kakega Properties LLC et al. v. Commissioner – the difference between the highest and best economical use of a property before being donated for a conservation easement and after is used for calculating the value of said easement.  


Hedge Fund Trader to Be Sent to Germany From U.K. in Tax Fraud (Cum-Ex) Case. (Bloomberg)

Apple and Epic—Toward a New Service Facilitator Tax. (Bloomberg Tax)

Tax ‘nudge’ letters to be sent to (UK) crypto investors. (Financial Times)


SERVICE FACILITATOR TAX: The above-linked article in Bloomberg Tax lays out the idea of a “service facilitator tax” – that is based upon the marketplace facilitator tax many states are passing for marketplace facilitators (marketplaces for third parties to sell goods, think Amazon Third-Party and eBay). The basic thrust is an idea that tax can reach where antitrust can’t and inject market forces in to systems such as the Apple App Store commission model.